About us

In October 2000, CaTS Caribbean Tool Supply set up business in Aruba in Dakota Shopping Paradise at Fergusonstraat 51. In the beginning, the core business consisted of Diamond Tools, Chemical Anchoring, Handtools, and Core Drilling as a subcontractor.

Core Drilling as a subcontractor immediately met with approval, and we were able to complete beautiful projects in the initial period already, mainly at the refinery, the correctional facility, the national brewery, sports and school buildings, but certainly also in the construction and refurbishment of several hotels, public buildings, and adjustments of telecommunications facilities.

Very quickly, there was a demand for other products, and the supply program was extended with Personal Protective Equipment and Industrial Clothing. The Aruban Government became an important pillar in this market because of its annual purchase of shoes, uniforms and extinguishing clothing for the Fire Department.

Giving advice and information on products and services also developed into an important factor.

As these activities were not all covered by the one-man business license, the one-man business CaTS Caribbean Tool Supply was converted into CaTS Caribbean Trading & Service N.V. early 2003. Shortly thereafter, another accommodation was occupied, not far from the original location in Dakota, at Fergusonstraat 57 D, which, meanwhile, has been renamed Avenida Milio J. Croes 57 D.

The confidence in CaTS continues to grow, and an increasing number of companies and private persons apply to CaTS. By continuously responding to the demand of the market and searching for reliable suppliers, the today's supply program is pretty much extended and updated.

  • In the Clothing and Shoes Program, close attention is paid to safety, quality, comfort, and wearability, and are available in very small to very large sizes.
  • In the Personal Protective Equipment Program, CaTS exclusively sells products disposing of the appropriate international certification and test reports, so that they can pass each critical testing by public authorities and/or insurance companies.
  • In the Signaling Program, only tested and certified products are offered, emphatically paying attention to color fastness, UV resistance, appropriateness for the local weather conditions and, of course, efficiency.
  • The Contracting Program core drilling, which is still an important part, concrete cutting was added and installing chemical anchors, for heavy duty anchoring is growing constantly.
  • Professional tools for cutting and drilling tiles, marble and natural stone were added to the Diamond Tool program.
CaTS NV endeavors to always handle the demand for its products in the appropriate manner, to give appropriate advice, and to offer the appropriate products, while constantly taking into account the price/quality ratio.

CaTS NV has developed into a highly appreciated partner for the many business and private relations in Aruba, and notably also for the suppliers cooperated with, most of which may be considered the absolute # 1 in the global market.